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"Early Childhood Education at Greenview Islamic International School: An Emphasis on the 3Rs with Fun and Hands-On Activities"

Updated: May 21

Early childhood education at Greenview Islamic International School is designed to provide a robust foundation for young learners, emphasizing the fundamental pillars of education: Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetics (commonly known as Arithmetic). The school's approach to these key areas of learning is enriched by incorporating fun and hands-on activities, creating an engaging and effective learning environment for young students.

Students doing activities


. The school's early childhood education program includes variety of activities aimed at developing literacy skills. Through interactive storytelling sessions, phonics-based learning activities, and guided reading exercises, students are introduced to the world of words and stories in an enjoyable and immersive manner. The school's well-equipped library provides a rich variety of age-appropriate reading materials, nurturing a culture of literacy and exploration.

Student reading


Developing strong writing skills is a priority at Greenview Islamic International School. The early childhood curriculum includes creative writing exercises that allow students to express their thoughts and ideas through words. From scribbling and drawing to forming letters and eventually crafting short stories, the school encourages young learners to engage in the writing process with enthusiasm. Through the use of fun writing prompts, collaborative storytelling, and art-integrated writing activities, students develop the foundational skills necessary for effective communication and self-expression.

Students Writing

Rithmetics (Arithmetic)

The school's approach to teaching mathematics to young children focuses on building a solid understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts through real-life applications and hands-on experiences. Math activities are designed to be interactive and engaging, with a focus on using manipulatives and visual aids to make abstract mathematical concepts more tangible for young learners. Through games, puzzles, and group activities, students develop essential numeracy skills while cultivating a positive attitude toward mathematics.

Student doing Arithmatics

Fun and Hands-On Activities

Incorporating fun and hands-on activities into the early childhood education experience at Greenview Islamic International School is integral to the school's philosophy. Teachers utilize a variety of hands-on materials, educational games, and exploration-based activities to bring learning to life. Whether it's through science experiments, artistic endeavors, or outdoor nature walks, students are encouraged to actively participate in their learning, fostering curiosity and a desire to discover.

In conclusion, early childhood education at Greenview Islamic International School places a strong emphasis on the 3Rs - Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetics - while incorporating fun and hands-on activities to make learning engaging and effective for young students. By nurturing a love for learning and providing a well-rounded foundation in these key areas, the school sets the stage for academic success and a lifelong enthusiasm for knowledge acquisition.

Students having Hands on Experience

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