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Islamic Curriculum

Value-based learning is fully supported by our Islamic Education. We use the Teach Your Child Islaam at-Tawheed series in our curriculum.  Teaching of Islaam is based on critical thinking techniques supported by Cambridge as well.   

Greenview’s Islamic Studies Curriculum is based on the teachings of the ahlis sunnah wal jamaa’ah and is exclusive to the teachings of Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee.  The core subjects, including At-Tawheed and Seerah, are taught in English.  All secondary students sit for the Cambridge O Level Islamiyat in Year 11.

In keeping pace with educational developments and trends, The Cambridge O' Level Islamiyat curriculum places emphasis on broad and balanced study across a wide range of subject areas. The curriculum is structured so that students attain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge of Islam.

Cambridge O Level Islamiyat is accepted by universities and employers as proof of ability and understanding. Its syllabus encourages students to develop lifelong skills and knowledge, including an understanding of the importance of the major beliefs of Islam and of the early history of the Islamic community.

Arabic is an important subject in Greenview and students who have developed a strong interest in learning Arabic are encouraged to sit for the Cambridge IGCSE First Language Arabic in Year 11.  This First Language syllabus develops learners' ability to communicate Arabic clearly, accurately and effectively.

Islamic Studies:

  • At-Tawheed

  • Al-Fiqh

  • Al-Ihsaan

  • Tafseer

  • Tah-feezh

  • Qur-aan Recitation

  • Taj-weed

  • Hadeeth

  • Seerah

  • Adab

Arabic Language: 

  • Al-Mufaahamah

  • As-Saraf

  • An-Nahu

  • Al-A’daad

  • Al-Qiraa-ah/Al-Mutaala’ah

  • Al-Kitaabah

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