Islamic Curriculum

Value-based learning is fully supported by our Islamic Studies. We use the Teach Your Child Islaam at-Tawheed series in our curriculum. Teaching of Islaam is based on critical thinking techniques supported by Cambridge as well.   

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Academic Curriculum

At Greenview Islamic International School (GVIIS), values-based learning is the key to the way we teach.  With strong positive values, teachers and staff create a positive learning environment for your child.  


Blended Learning

We employ Blended learning approach as our teaching model that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods.

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Mrs Idayuwati Azilan

Amir has always been the kind of person who takes his work seriously and always strives to do his best. The school has helped in strengthening these qualities and inserting more core values in doing so. In terms of his studies, the school has helped him in discovering his potential and ability in his academics. He now knows that he can strive for the best if he puts his mind to it and with the help of all the teachers in GVIIS.


Mrs Azrita Abdul Kadir

Luqman has become more confident in speaking and interacting with his teachers and peers through various assignments, projects, activities that the school has given. Furthermore, I see his improvement also in all his subjects, in particular Bahasa Malaysia, huge improvement.


Mrs Adira

The effort and readiness of the teachers especially during online learning is really helpful and great.  Teachers make my kids excited to go to school and even join the online classes. The teachers also show good examples and guide the kids in their study and influence the kids with good. behaviour.


Mrs Azreen Abdul Kadir

Dedication and commitment from teachers. The advice they have given have instilled it to my children and they have improved.

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Frequently asked questions


1. Has registration started and when does it end?

Answer: It’s ongoing.

2.Does your school have pre-school?

Answer: Yes, your child is required to be potty-trained.

3. What levels or classes do you offer?


Reception : 4 years old

Year 1-10 : 5 years old – 15 years old

Year 11 : 15 years old, conditions apply for entry into Year 11.

4. What are the enrolment ages?

Answer: 4-16 years old.

5. Do you have boarding facilities?

Answer: Not as yet. You may request for it as the school currently collating requests.