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Registration for Cambridge IGCSE, O-Level, AS & A-Level for

 June 2024 series is now closed.

Stay tuned for November 2024 exams series!!

An award winning School for pre-school to IGCSE  students

Our contribution to the nation is to produce progressive citizens who will contribute to the country’s progress. In tomorrow’s world, students will need more than just ‘A’ grades in their exams.  They will need to think out of the box.  They will need the skill to communicate a great idea and to speak with confidence that stems from a strong belief in themselves and in Allah.

Our New Building Project

We are in the process of building our purpose-built school at Jalan Bait, Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam.


Value-based learning is fully supported by our Islamic Education. We use the Teach Your Child Islaam at-Tawheed series in our curriculum. Teaching of Islaam is based on critical thinking techniques supported by Cambridge as well.  

Teacher and Student

We offer preschool to year 11 for the students (age group of 4 to 16 years old). Apart for academic curriculum we are focused on extracurricular and cocurricular activities.

Technology Class


At Greenview Islamic International School, values-based learning is the key to the way we teach.  With strong positive values, teachers and staff create a positive learning environment for your child.  

Projects by our students

  • Has registration started?
    Answer: Our registraion is ongoing!! Click here to enquire
  • Does your school have pre-school?
    Answer: Yes, your child is required to be potty-trained.
  • What levels or classes do you offer?
    Answer: Reception : 4 years old Year 1-10 : 5 years old – 15 years old Year 11 : 15 years old, conditions apply for entry into Year 11.
  • What are the enrolment ages?
    Answer: 4-16 years old.
  • Do you have boarding facilities?
    Answer: Not as yet. You may request for it as the school currently collating requests.
  • Does the school provide transport?
    Answer: No, but we will give you a list of transporters.
  • Do you have Day care?
    Answer: Yes, we do.
  • What time are the schooling hours like?
    Answer: PREPARATORY Monday-Thursday: 8.00 am to 11.40 am Friday: 8.00 am to 11.15 am FOUNDATION SCHOOL Monday-Thursday: 7.30 am to 3.45 pm Friday: 7.30 am to 12.00 pm JUNIOR SCHOOL Monday-Thursday: 7.30 am to 3.45 pm Friday: 7.30 am to 12.00 pm SENIOR SCHOOL Monday-Thursday: 7.30 am to 3.45 pm Friday: 7.30 am to 12.00 pm
  • Which part of Shah Alam is your school at?
    Answer: Bukit Jelutong.
  • Is the school recognized by MOE?
    Answer: Yes, our school is registered with the MOE.
  • Do you have non-Muslim students and teachers?
    Answer: There are a number of non-Muslim teachers and the schools are open to non-Muslim students
  • Do you offer government exams?
    Answer: No.
  • Does your school teach the national curriculum?
    Answer: No.
  • Are the Islamic studies subject taught in English?
    Answer: Yes.
  • Is Islamic studies taught in your school same as that taught by JAIS?
    Answer: Yes, and we teach in English.
  • Which month do your IGCSE students take the exams?
    Answer: May-June.
  • How many students and teachers are there in your school?
    Answer: We have around 30 teachers and 300 students.
  • What is the average class size?
    Answer: A maximum of 24 students in a class.
  • Do you have non-Muslim students and teachers?
    Answer: Yes
  • How do you rate the performance of the IGCSE students?
    Answer: Excellent to very good on an average.
  • Is the IGCSE applicable to local universities/higher learning?
    Answer: All universities and colleges worldwide accept the IGCSE. However, in Malaysia, the government universities are yet to accept the IGCSE for local students.
  • Will my child struggle if he/she joins the second term and has missed the first term?
    Answer: We normally place your child in a class he/she is comfortable with. However, if tuition is required for him/her to catch up, the Admission officer will advise you.
  • Does your school accept special needs students?
    Answer: Yes, for those with dyslexia. We do not have the facilities or teachers to accept ADHD or Autistically challenged children
  • How will I communicate with my child’s teacher to keep up with his/her progress?
    Answer: Via the ClassDojo.
  • Are there exams and a grading system?
    Answer: Yes, twice a year.
  • How much are the fees?
    Answer: Attached fee is the schedule.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Answer: No.
  • Does your school collect fees on yearly, termly or monthly basis?"
    Answer: Fees are to be paid yearly basis. You may discuss a payment plan with the Admissions, if you need to do so.
  • Are meals, books and uniforms part of the school fees?"
    Answer: No.
  • Can we purchase the books and uniforms at school?
    Answer: Yes, if we have the stocks. If not, we will give you a list of bookstores you can go to.
  • What are the methods of payment?
    Answer: Online transfer and credit card via our payment portal, SYNC.
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